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Saint Lazare + Minnetonka Camp Moc Preview and Editorial

Saint Lazare + Minnetonka Camp Moccasin

We've been working hard to create unique classics. Camp moccasins are part of the iconic, American hand-sewn style, with elements from many different types of moccasins folded into one.

They feature horizontal lacing around the throat (a.k.a. the ankle opening) of the moccasin, much like boat shoes. However, unlike boat shoes, they don’t feature quarters for lacing, which gives them elements of various types of loafers or even slippers. The result is a simple, moccasin-style shoe that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Whether or not you have room left in your summer footwear rotation we hope you enjoy this special project we created for our client.

We started with premium cowhide suede, in a dusty brown, along with a durable rubber sole, and authentic Mexican serapé insole linings with felted back heel accents and wrapped leather lace tips.

The insoles feature a soft comfy hand-woven serapé lining with the classic "Saint Lazare" abbreviated logo tag on the heel base. Memory foam ensures maximum comfort along with soft supple leather that moulds to the wearer's feet over time.

The back heel tabs are adorned with felted "Sunrise" appliqués for notable, yet subtle rear accents. The lace tips have been hand-wrapped with waxed thread in a multi-patterned design resembling the colourful bars of the serapé.

Each pair is handmade by a small elite group of craftsmen to deliver the best quality of its kind. A pair takes about 18 hours to complete from start to finish. Special attention has been taken to ensure the quality is superior as well as long-lasting.

This special release is only limited to 10 pairs (All sizes available). Each pair is individually numbered and comes with a magnetic box and dust cover. The expected price is 149.50usd.

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