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The Evolution of Saint Lazare

Follow the journey of our company as well as our design evolution from a small accessories company to a multi-national design firm.

Saint Lazare was founded in 2016 as small clothing and accessory brand. As the company grew, so did our abilities and capacity. As the organization and our experiences expanded, we decided to offer our unique design skills and knowledge to the public.

In 2019, we shifted towards a full creative agency, offering branding strategy, content creation, visual arts and more. Thanks to our wide network and eye for detail, we've grown to work on numerous projects across a wide array of industries.

Saint Lazare Website 2016-2018

Our first major collection was inspired by our travels to Brazil. Featuring bright, bold patterns with African and Portuguese influences, shaped by Rio Baile Funk music and combined with classic American streetwear, our collection featured a wide array of products and features in magazines and publications around the world.

Saint Lazare "Garden of Eden" Sukujan Jacket worn by @MCtaya

2020 marked a shift in our consumer focus. Due to the wide success of products, we had numerous customers asking us how we could help them create product lines, brands, promotional content and more. Once we recognized the market demand, the rest was history. Our transition from an online retailer to a design firm wasn't easy, but our dedication to understanding design to its fullest extent has allowed us to grow exponentially, while still keeping our foundations upon good design and quality deliverables.

Saint Lazare Website 2019-2020

During this time period, we had the opportunity to work on numerous multimedia and installation projects. These tactile projects allowed us to stretch our design capabilities beyond digital design to create immersive experiences for product and product marketing initiatives.

Saint Lazare "Zen Garden" Coffee Table

In 2022, Saint Lazare made its most evolutionary transition into technology and analytics design. After numerous years of consultation with top healthcare and global payment organizations, Saint Lazare expanded their design offerings to UI/UX, Content and Branding Strategy as well as complex application and software builds (Corporate/Analytical Dashboards, API Integration, etc.).

Saint Lazare Website 2022

We also expanded to motion graphics, video promotion and marketing and more. We're constantly expanding our knowledge and skill set to offer our clients the most impactful products and results.

Saint Laza Web Promomo

We're super pumped about all the things we've learned and done over the past few years. We couldn't have made any of this happen without your support. Thanks to our patrons, client and team!

If you're interested in working with one of our consultants on your next project, don't hesitate to reach out! We'd be happy to book a demo and review your ideas and concepts.

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