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The Perfect Tees Does Exist…

Check out Saint Lazare's 20-year-old headstock athletic heavyweight varsity box tees...

Our classic oversized box varsity tee has been our team's favourite choice tee this summer. This heavyweight dead stock tee from the late 90s is the perfect fit, look and feel. We sourced our inventory through multiple vendors collecting as many of these 20-year-old vintage tees as we could.

Each tee features our classic varsity motif with a flocked graphic for a sultry feel of velvet combined with this super soft tee creating an experience that goes beyond just looks.

We carefully selected all the components of this tee including the softness of the tag and overall durability to create a long-lasting staple within your wardrobe.

Experience the ultimate comfort and confidence of our Varsity Box Tee. Check out to order yours today.

Note: Due to the rarity and small batch process, supplies and inventory are limited.

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