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The Saint Lazare Worklist Special Edition “Chillwave” Vinyl Package

Our studio is constantly searching for eclectic sounds and vibes. In appreciation for our daily grooves, we’ve created a Worklist Album Package, complete with a limited release Saint Lazare Worklist Album, featuring 10 of our favourite songs at the moment, as well as a limited edition tee and record tote.

Each package is individually numbered and features; The official Saint Lazare Worklist “Chillwave” Album, featuring 10 songs from artists from all around, our special edition tee featuring the album artwork and a record tote as well.

”We wanted to create an immersive experience that went beyond just the music… a product that immediately gives you the feeling of the album even before hearing it!”

- Brylan Leviston, creator and designer of the Playlist Package

We gifted a package to our favourite record store, Sweet Melissa Records. This downtown Marietta, Ga record store offers a prime selection of vinyl along with unique antiques, vintage books and other great finds. Check out the owner, Melissa’s response to our Playlist package!

As always thanks to all our patrons and supporters. Your interests and participation continue to drive us forward and it’s truly appreciated 🙏🏾

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