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Updated: Jan 20

Check out our "Saint Lazare Worklist" Spotify playlist, featuring eclectic jams from all walks of life and vibes.

Follow us for a trip around the world with our "Worklist" Spotify playlist by @brylando. Each volume features 10+ hours of awesome tracks from a multitude of genres featured in our studio! From Tanzanian Funk to Southern Rock, the Saint Lazare "Worklist" has every vibe to get you through your workload.

Be sure to follow our Spotify account for daily updates to our "worklists" as well as new releases and exclusive cuts from some of our favourite artists! Got a track you think we'd love? send it our way! We're always happy to hear new and interesting songs. Contact us and send a link. If we think your jam is noteworthy, we'll feature it in our next "worklist!"

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