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EncoreTime: The Newest Job Board for Medical Professionals

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Are you a medical professional in search of your dream job? Look no further than EncoreTime, the latest job board designed specifically for medical professionals. With a multitude of preferences, filter options, and choices, EncoreTime provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to job hunting.

But designing this innovative platform came with its own set of challenges. Initially, the project was assigned to a small tech startup company with a designer tasked with creating the design system and website. However, due to COVID, the original designer was unable to complete the task, leaving the UX unfinished. This is where Saint Lazare stepped in to help.

Saint Lazare was given the challenge of completing the UX, which meant the updated UI had to follow the existing UX and the workflow could not be adjusted. Additionally, the website needed to be fully responsive and optimized for mobile without the need for separate designs. This posed a significant problem, but with the help of Figma plugins and auto layout, Saint Lazare was able to create a seamless and fully responsive website that functioned on all screen sizes.

Creating four separate versions of each page, Saint Lazare ensured that each design was auto-responsive and seamlessly flowed into another screen/device dimension. With 48 hours of logged work, along with approximately 20 hours in research or education, the result was a fully responsive, active job board that allows users to create profiles for employment or as an organization, select from a multitude of responsive filters and choices, as well as eliminate, contact and find eligible candidates or employers.

This project was a significant milestone for Saint Lazare, showcasing their ability to adapt and deliver complex outputs within limited time frames. Since this project, Saint Lazare has worked on numerous UI/UX systems for a multitude of companies and industries, including healthcare, household products, technical maintenance boards, and data analytic apps and software.

In conclusion, EncoreTime is the newest job board for medical professionals, providing a comprehensive and personalized approach to job hunting. Its seamless and fully responsive design ensures that job seekers can find their dream job, no matter what device they use. Saint Lazare's work on this project is a testament to their expertise and ability to deliver exceptional design and relational business growth.


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